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Outsourcing customer support

Why choose Acamay for outsourcing your customer support?

When you get complaints from your customers about poor customer service, it is frustrating. What is even more frustrating is you do "damage control" because your customer support team could not do a great job. However, you know damage control is not the ultimate solution.

If you had a good customer support team to effectively handle issues, you no longer need to do damage control. With Acamay, you don't get ordinary customer support people; you get customer support professionals who are experts in customer psychology.

This psychology based customer care approach focuses on customer delight rather than mere customer satisfaction. You no longer have to worry about unhappy customers spreading negative comments about your business. In fact you would gain new business through the positive messages sent by your delighted customers.

What do you get from Acamay?

Psychological angle to customer support

What has psychology to do with customer care? This unique psychological approach perfected by us is highly successful.

Support using phone, email and live chat

Is providing multiple customer care options like phone, email and chat proving to be difficult for you? Leave it to us.

Quick resolution to customer issues

Responding within certain seconds or resolving within certain number of calls is crucial for some. We cater to both.

Convert customers into your fans

Loyal fans are the result of delightful customer experience. Wouldn't you like to get loyal fans for your business too?

Business hours or 24/7 support

Does your business require support round the clock or during business hours? We have multiple options for you to choose from.

Will not work for your competitor

Your trade secrets must stay a secret. Either with you or with us. That's why we will not work for your competition.